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I was lucky enough to tour the (formerly) grand Ambassador Hotel in downtown Los Angeles while it was being used as a filming site for various productions. The history contained in those walls was undeniable and alluring. But it was also the site of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, historic, yes, but a crime scene nonetheless and a reminder to his family of his stolen life.

No one is a fan of the LAUSD, myself included; the mistakes they have made are seemingly insurmountable and exhaustive.  That being said, the horror with which “Ambassador-philes” have groused about the razing of a dilapidated and decades-long vacant building to make way for a school serving an underserved and overcrowded section of this city’s children is rather perplexing.  (This being the nation’s costliest school built by a city that has no money and a failing grade in graduation rates is not what pro-Ambassador preservationists actually argued in their case against the hotel’s demolition.)  

This campus is beautiful, the architecture modernly retro, and its surroundings pay a lovely homage to Robert F. Kennedy and his messages.  Hopefully, the students and community realize the privilege of attending such a school with honor and respect, good grades and high graduation rates.  

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